Whenever money is involved we tend to think of exchange. "If you provide something for me, I'll pay you." The only exchange with God is Jesus' holiness for our sin. So what is offering? It is a gift. God pours out gifts of life, family, time, food, etc. His gifts are meant to be received and shared. Our offering to any Gospel ministry is thus a gift to others who will be touched by work of the Church.

One way of ensuring your giving remains on track when you are unable to attend services as well as provide TLC with a level of stability while carrying out the Lord’s work, is to utilize Trinity’s online giving link provided by Vanco. For your consideration and convenience, the Vanco On-Line Giving Link is located here

Bringing the Gospel to Your Neighbors

We offer many opportunities to learn and grow here at Trinity, and there are even more resources available to your friends and neighbors where they are. Check out the Pastoral Resources page to learn more!

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Wahiawa, Hawaii

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Trinity Lutheran Weekly News

  • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services at 7PM
  • Easter Sunrise at 6:30AM and Festival Service at 10AM
    • As we continue our “tradition” of bringing flowers to church with you that day, and placing them in/on our special Wire Cross which will be up at the Altar
    • To any of our church members attending the Sunrise Service, please be aware that  no official breakfast will take place.  HOWEVER, a share of light snacks, of Muffins and Bagels, or the like, will be accepted to hold any of you over until the lunch event!  
    • This year we will offer Lunch @ $15. per [Adult & big eater Kids] Prime Rib with Au ju and/or Horseradish sauces; Rice or Mashed potato; A small bowl of Toss salad with various dressings; A small handful of Fruits [i.e. oranges, apples, grapes]
    • The TLCS’ Youth Group will be doing a fundraiser project as Waiters & Bussers for the lunch. $Tips greatly appreciated!
    • Cari is accepting payments & headcounts up to April 19, 2019
    • Heather Klemp & her ‘ohana will once again do the Easter Egg Hunt immediately following the Easter Festival service. PLEASE join them at the TLS Basketball court

Sunday Teams

Sunday School (preschool to 8th grade) 9AM Main School Building

Sunday Bible Class (Isaiah) 9AM Library
Thursday Night Men's at Don Kilmer's @ 6:00pm (256-6314)

Thursday Morning Women's at Sherry Hunt's @ 9:00am (222-1123)

  • Generations - May 1
  • Christ in Common/Youth - May 8
  • Theology on Tap - May 15
  • Worship Practice - May 22

Opportunities to be in the Word

Wednesday Nights at Trinity


Trinity Lutheran Church