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  • Theology on Tap - June 12, July 10
  • Worship Practice - June 26, July 24

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Sunday School (preschool to 8th grade) 9AM Main School Building

Sunday Bible Class (Isaiah) 9AM Library
Thursday Night Men's at Don Kilmer's @ 6:00pm (256-6314)

Thursday Morning Women's at Sherry Hunt's @ 9:00am (222-1123)

Announcements: If you have an announcement that you would like to add to the Sunday bulletin or the Trinity Weekly, please email tlcsec@hotmail.com.


Whenever money is involved we tend to think of exchange. "If you provide something for me, I'll pay you." The only exchange with God is Jesus' holiness for our sin. So what is offering? It is a gift. God pours out gifts of life, family, time, food, etc. His gifts are meant to be received and shared. Our offering to any Gospel ministry is thus a gift to others who will be touched by work of the Church.

One way of ensuring your giving remains on track when you are unable to attend services as well as provide TLC with a level of stability while carrying out the Lord’s work, is to utilize Trinity’s online giving link provided by Vanco. For your consideration and convenience, the Vanco On-Line Giving Link is located here


Wahiawa, Hawaii

Prayer Meeting - August 11 After worship. We will have a brief word on prayer, and then quiet space to pray aloud, quietly, to just listen.