Every Wednesday night, starting at 6:00, we will offer opportunities for fellowship, learning, and fun!

  • 1st Wednesdays - Generations: Whole group activity involving every age together! 
  • 2nd Wednesdays - Christ in Common& Youth Group
  • 3rd Wednesdays - Theology on Tap
  • 4th Wednesdays - Choir Practice 

Trinity will be participating from August through September!

Announcements: If you have an announcement that you would like to add to the Sunday bulletin or the Trinity Weekly, please email tlcsec@hotmail.com.

Walking Moai

Trinity is partnering with Blue Zones, Hawaii to offer a Wahiawa walking group, called a Moai. The group will meet at 7:30AM at the corner of Eames and Turner. Our first walk will be September 28. Juliette is the host and contact. For more info on this type of event click here.

Huaka'i Mission Team

Please continue to pray for our mission team as they prepare for their trip to the Navajo in October. You can also give financially by donating to Trinity and designating Huaka'i in your gift.

Wednesday Nights at Trinity

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Trinity Lutheran Church

Annual Beach Service at Puuiki Beach Park 

Rescheduled for 

September  23

​Join us at 10AM!

Sunday School Program - 3 years old to 5th grade
​With this program we aim to:
Touch the Heart:  Connect with Emotions
Open the Soul:  Jesus-Centered
Teach the Mind :  Learn the Bible
Involve the Body:  Live it out!

We invite all children from 3 years old to 5th grade to join us at 9:00am in the Kindergarten classroom for Sunday School. During this time, children will participate in singing and worship, Bible skits, discussion and activities for life application, and prayer. During small group time children will be able to discuss and apply Bible stories to their personal lives at an age appropriate level. Sunday school will end at 9:55, when parents and guardians are asked to pick the children up from the Kindergarten classroom.

Children will also have the opportunity to learn and practice worship songs that they will perform on special Sundays during the church service. Dates will be announced ahead of time.
Together, let’s work to raise kids in Christ!


Board of Trustees Nominations

Our Board of Trustees is comprised of 7 individuals who are members of the congregation. Each Trustee serves a 2 year term. This November we will vote on 3 of those positions, and nominations are desired from anyone in the congregation. Please submit your names to Dottie Campbell and/or Grace Leung. 

Opportunities to be in the Word


Wahiawa, Hawaii

Sunday Bible Class (Isaiah) 9AM Library
Thursday Night Men's at Don Kilmer's @ 6:00pm (256-6314)

Thursday Morning Women's at Sherry Hunt's @ 9:00am (222-1123)