Wahiawa, Hawaii

Week 2 - What is your purpose?

Music: Sam Cooke - The Last Mile of the Way 

           Liz Vice - Everything is Yours

ScriptureGenesis 12:1-3

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2018/01/jesus-just-makes-more-sense-when-we-lose/

Week 5 - What do you think of yourself, part deux?

Music: Liz Vice - Empty Me Out 

Blindside - My Alibi

Scripture: Matthew 11:16-19

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2013/01/the-duality-of-lance-armstrong-simul-jerk-et-humanitarian/

Week 1 - Who are you?

Music: Liz Vice - Empty Me Out 

           Juliette - See the Cross

ScripturePhilippians 3:4-8

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2016/02/ronda-rousey-identity-and-depression/

What to expect when you come

  • Music - to focus our hearts and thoughts
  • A Big Question - and openness to your questions
  • Presentation 
    • Culture and current events
    • Scripture 
    • Theology 
  • Prayer

Have a question or need? Pastor Ryan will contact you directly.

Week 3 - What is your purpose, part deux?

Music: mewithoutyou - Torches Together 

           The Oh Hellos - This Will End

ScriptureEphesians 2:1-10

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2017/10/what-happened-after-mr-rogers-visited-koko-the-gorilla-2/

Week 6 (Feb 25) - How do you die with dignity?

Music: Paul Simon - Slip Slidin' Away

Scripture: Job 3:11-26

Further readinghttp://mbird.com/2014/11/existential-modesty-and-the-outlawing-of-morbidity/

Week 7 (March 11) - How do you comfort the sufferer?

Music: Sara Groves - Abide With Me

Scripture: Job 2:7-13

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2018/03/everything-happens-for-a-reason-and-other-lies-ive-loved/

‘Christ in Common’ – Sunday Mar 11 @ 6pm

Come explore your identity, your purpose, and the meaning of your life through the Bible and its central story of Jesus.

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