Wahiawa, Hawaii

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Week 2 - What is your purpose?

Music: Sam Cooke - The Last Mile of the Way 

           Liz Vice - Everything is Yours

ScriptureGenesis 12:1-3

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2018/01/jesus-just-makes-more-sense-when-we-lose/

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Week 1 - Who are you?

Music: Liz Vice - Empty Me Out 

           Juliette - See the Cross

ScripturePhilippians 3:4-8

Further readinghttp://www.mbird.com/2016/02/ronda-rousey-identity-and-depression/

What to expect when you come

Christ in Common Structure

  • Music - to focus our hearts and thoughts
  • Welcome and Prayer
  • Big Question: (For example, on week 1 we ask: Who are you?)
  • Allow time for people to collect thoughts, write questions.
  • Presentation (Includes teaching, scripture, Q&A)
    • Questions and Illustrations
    • Scripture 
    • Worldview 
  • Silent Prayer
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Music 

Have a question or need? Pastor Ryan will contact you directly.

Do you identify as a ‘Christian’?  What does that mean to you?
What does the Bible say about you?  How does the Bible suggest you interact with your community and culture?  Does Jesus really speak to the issues you face?
Come explore your identity, your purpose, and the meaning of your life through the Bible and its central story of Jesus.

Trinity Lutheran Church

‘Christ in Common’ – Sundays @ 6pm starting January 7th.