Trinity Lutheran Church

Tentative Schedule

February 10 - Meeting covering: 1) Ministry Plan, 2) MAT members, 3) Guiding Principles, 4) 2018 year end budget

April 14 - Meeting focused on school plan and school portion of Guiding Principles

May - Meeting on Leadership focus, health, and boundaries (Review of Guiding Principles)

May/June - Schedule Voters for School Plan and Budget

August - Form nominating committee. Three positions (Skip, Bill, Kelley)

Oct/Nov - Schedule Voters for Church report, election, and budget

Town halls throughout year to cover:
March 3 - Ministry Plan and “job” fair.
Community Partners
Budget input and Ministry Plan

Guiding Principles
In Policy Based Governance (accountable leadership) there are four positions to be “played.”

  • The first position is ministry; it is played by the members as they care for one another and reach out to the community.
  • The second position is management; it is played by the staff as they equip, resource and coordinate the ministry of the members.
  • The third position is leadership; it is played by the Pastor as he provides vision, direction and teaching to achieve the mission of the church.
  • The fourth position is governance; it is played by the Board.

The Board is committed to the mission of Christ - producing new, committed followers - and ready to hold both the pastor and the congregation accountable for carrying out His mission. The Trustees will be people of peace, willing and able to challenge and encourage both members and pastor, speaking the truth in love.

The main product of the Board, working collaboratively with the pastor, is to plan the congregation’s public ministry. That is, the Board, using its wisdom and knowledge, will need to discern how the congregation, given its resources and its context, will carry out the mission of Christ in its community.

Just as Christ gave the mission to His church, the Holy Spirit will reveal to the congregation its vision for ministry and its identity and purpose in its community. Consequently the Board will regularly pray, always seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, before, during and after each Board meeting.

While realizing that the mission of the church is Christ’s, the Board also recognizes that the members of the congregation have invested their time, talent and treasure in the congregation’s ministry. Consequently the Board will use the congregation’s resources in a trustworthy and responsible manner. This is the Board’s fiduciary responsibility.

As a congregation moves forward in its ministry, change will happen. Change demands leadership. Therefore the Board will have the courage, commitment and willingness to take a leadership role in promoting and implementing the changes necessary for the congregation’s ministry to be relevant. Trustees will also be there to encourage and support the pastor as new ministries and/or new ways of ministry are implemented.

Guiding Statements
Sharing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, Friend, and Teacher through Worship, Service, and Educational Excellence.

Trinity will show Grace in Practice at every level. The Mission of God in Christ is to Reconcile the world, and Trinity trusts in the Spirit to shape our lives to reflect this grace. Trinity will be known for teaching and reflecting the one way love of God, with no strings attached. This will happen through our various gatherings (Worship, Wednesday Nights, etc), our school, and our community partnerships.

Outcome Statement
Every member reflecting the love of Christ to individuals where they live, serve, and recreate, in order to clearly speak of the one way love of Jesus.

2019 Board of Trustees

Kelley Callender - At-large

Skip Campbell - Treasurer

Jason Clifford - Secretary

Don Kilmer - At-large

Mike McLaughlin - President

Jan Schulte - At-large

Bill Wise - At-large


Wahiawa, Hawaii